12. It seems that the Open Call focuses on specific target groups, namely unaccompanied minors and vulnerable groups. Would you consider Roma organisations as eligible for applying and, Roma as vulnerable group, that would potentially benefit from the projects funded under the open call?

EEA Grants programming systematically includes actions for the benefit of social groups at risk of social exclusion, including Roma. Indeed, the programme “Asylum & Migration” targets asylum seekers, however, projects funded by the programme “Local Development & Poverty Reduction”, such as the “Athens Solidarity Centre” implemented by Solidarity Now, are designed to serve every vulnerable individual seeking for support, within which Roma are included.

In addition, please note that any organization which satisfies the eligibility criteria described in page 8, section 4: “Eligible Applicants” of the open call text, is welcome to apply for funding.

Other than that, Roma organisations could also benefit from their participation in the initiatives under “Bilateral cooperation”, which although smaller in size, can offer an important knowledge sharing experience with the donor countries as the experience in other countries indicate (i.e. Bulgaria).