20. The call objective is the “establishment of new long-term open accommodation centres for vulnerable groups of asylum seekers, or support existing centres to continue their operation.” a. Can you please specify what is meant by open accommodation centres, namely hotel accommodation, accommodation places in camp sites/Safe Zones or shelters? b. Would supported independent living apartments for UAC be eligible under this call?

According to the call text, “long-term accommodation solutions” are to be funded, namely, shelters and supported independent living (apartments). Hotels, safe zones in camps and accommodation provided in Reception and Identification Centres are considered emergency or temporary accommodation solutions and thus are not to be funded under the Open Call (also see Law 4554/2018 article 27). However, hotels as type of premise, can be eligible, as long as, the proposed modality of operation efficiently serves the long-term scope of the open call and the other services offer proposed, efficiently provide a holistic child protection and childcare.