26. With regards to the Asylum & Migration programme, we are aware that we are not eligible to apply as it concerns only proposals regarding accommodation and we currently only run a community centre in Thessaloniki (much like the Athens Solidarity Centre). I would still like to ask whether we are eligible to apply for any of these grants. Could we perhaps partner with an organization applying to use the grant for accommodation and we, in turn, provide all of the services at our centre? I am asking this because as stated in the application form for the Asylum & Migration Grant, the list of activities proposed, complementary to the accommodation provision, we already provide in our community centre.

Based on par. 4.12 Projects may be implemented in partnership with project partners. All project partners must share a common goal and actively contribute towards achieving the project objective(s), as defined in the proposal. The role and specific obligations undertaken by each partner, must be clearly defined and justified in the project proposal”.

Given the above, your organisation can apply as partner. According to the same paragraph of the call (4.12), “The following entities are eligible to be project partners: – Any public or private entity, commercial or non-commercial, as well as nongovernmental  organizations established as a legal person either in the donor states (donor project partnership) or Greece, beneficiary states or a country outside the European Economic Area that has a common border with Greece or any international organization or body or agency thereof. – Project partnerships shall be established through partnership agreements between the project promoter and each of the partners. At the stage of the submission of the application, a Letter of Intent for the partnership will suffice”.

Provided that your organisation is concentrating the above criteria you can apply as a partner in a consortium leaded  by an organisations that meets the entire set of eligibility criteria as described in section 4 of the call. In the project proposal must be clear the contribution of each partner in the project activities.