28. Is there any geographical restriction as regards the administrative regions of the country e.g. project proposals for shelters in Athens will weight differently compared to projects proposals for shelters in Crete?

There is no other geographical restriction apart from those explicitly referred in the Open Call text:

“2.2: The geographical scope for the projects is the whole territory of Greece, provided that the following elements outlined in 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 below, are taken into consideration for the establishment of the accommodation centres”.

2.3 The proposed projects should be located in urban and semi-urban areas (towns with minimum population of 9.000 residents). 

2.4. The proposed projects should be in geographical proximity to public services (schools, hospitals, KEP, citizens advice bureaus, public transport, community centres), thus allowing for unimpeded and easy access for the hosted population to public services. In addition, applicant organizations should take into consideration proximity to EKKA’s network of guardians based on EKKA’s plans for 2020 available at the time of the publication of this Call.  

 2.10. Proposals can be submitted for (a) open type accommodation centres for unaccompanied minors, (b) open accommodation centres for vulnerable asylum seekers, as defined in 1.1. If a proposal includes joint/in close proximity centres for both target groups (a and b), it must be demonstrated a clear separation between the groups. The proposal might also include decentralized accommodation centres if a sufficiently strong common service provision and management structure is documented.