29. As regards the targets and results framework of the call: Number of non-unaccompanied asylum (UMA) beneficiaries provided with services (target: 750) Number of unaccompanied asylum seekers (UAMs) receiving services (target: 2250). Does this refer to each project of to the total projects to be funded under the call? In addition, what is the expected/required rotation of the population in the shelters.

The targets included in the results framework of the open call will be monitored cumulatively for all the projects implemented. Precisely, up to 2250 UAMs and 750 non-unaccompanied asylum beneficiaries is expected to benefit from all projects during the entire projects’ implementation period.

Candidate Project Promoters based on these targets should propose the optimum scenario according to the proposed modality of implementation, type of shelter proposed and expected rotation during the project implementation.

As regards population rotation, it is indicated in the call that “Proposals should showcase the methodologies employed to achieve the required population turnover – indicative maximum stay should be around 6 months – and the annual average monthly occupancy rate in the supported centres shall be 90%”.