44. What are the minimum standards and the permissions required for the buildings as regards the fire safety and the accessibility standards?

According to the call text, section 4, paragraph 4.7 “For accommodation centres for UAM, applicant organizations should maintain an unaccompanied minor’s registry in EKKA, as stipulated by the relevant common ministerial decision on the ‘National Registry for UAM”.

For the registration in EKKA’s Registry for the UAMs’ Accommodation Shelters, EKKE requests a specific list of documents and permissions for the adequacy of the buildings, infrastructure and safety conditions. The same documentation will be also be a subject of assessment before proceeding to a contract agreement with a successful candidate.  Also see the Law.4554/2018 as it is elaborated in Ministerial Decision no. Δ11/οικ.26945/1074, ΦΕΚ 2399/19-6-2019.

To that end, successful project proposals should have granted all the required permissions for the project operation at the day of the contract signature.