47. Regarding the target of 2250 unaccompanied asylum seekers (UAMs) receiving services during the project implementation, the target set implies a number of beneficiaries receiving services 10 times larger than the capacity of the accommodation centre of the project. Even with a 6 month duration of the average maximum stay this is a very challenging target for the number of beneficiaries receiving services. Is there a penalty if the target is not met.

As regards the overall targets presented in the open call text, please review the question and answer 29 of the FAQ section which clarifies that the targets are set at call level (cumulatively for all funded projects) and not for each project separately. To that end, the candidate project promoters shall propose their optimum scenario according to the proposed methodology of implementation (e.g. type of shelter proposed, expected rotation). During the project implementation a maximum performance to reach the targets set for each project is expected and this will be a subject of regular monitoring by the FO.

Any deviation from the plan (including expected population rotation) should be justified through the standard reporting process. The FO will assess if these deviations are a result of the project governance or other contextual factors beyond the power of the PP. Also, any factor creating a risk for the project should be included in a Risk Assessment analysis by the PP at the submission stage and during the project implementation.

As indicated in the guidelines for applicants, “flagging” findings resulting from the FO M&E process (e.g. annual quality monitoring) can result pausing the funding until there is conformity to the proposals set in place to the project promoter by the FO.