48. We are writing to you in regard to Annex 1 (applicant guidelines) and more specifically to point 1.3 Evaluation Criteria where is referred that “Relevance of the organization’s past experience of at least three years of running equivalent projects with similar outcomes and budget sizes”. Our organization has been running accommodation related projects since late 2016 with the particularity that in 2016, 2017 and 2018 the projects were handled by the (INGO name) international (registered in Grecce since 2016) but the 2019 project, is being handled by the same management team through (NGO name) Hellas due to the nationalization of the Greek mission, since we have been notified by the donor that eligible actors for ESTIA programme in 2019 would be only national ones. Under this scope and taking into consideration our past experience in running similar projects and our willingness to submit a project proposal of the current open call we would like to inform us whether (NGO name) international or (NGO name) Hellas are considered as eligible vendors.

According to provision 4.1. of the open call, “eligible applicants are non-governmental organizations (NGOs) registered in Greece”. During the eligibility assessment of the proposal, the FO will review the submitted documentation to ensure the relation between the two organizations (international and Greek). In particular, FO will assess if the Greek organization that has undertaken the activities from the international one, maintains a relation of a mother-daughter company, and has cumulative experience gained by its current and past activities (before and after its establishment as Greek office). For that reason, legal, financial and other documentation must be submitted for each of the two organizations (mother and daughter entity). Please also see the question and answer 24.