50. Could you please kindly clarify the following questions in regards to the OPEN CALL FOR PROPOSALS: “Open accommodation centres for vulnerable asylum seekers in Greece.” 1. Applicant organizations should have a valid certification as an entity authorized to offer social welfare and care services, or other relevant certifications in accordance with the common ministerial decision. Could you please provide more information about the particular ministerial decision in order to confirm the particular licenses which are needed to meet the minimum compliance? Could you please list the particular licenses which are required? 2. Under the administrative criteria and eligibility section, the FO Programme requests a valid tax statement and social insurance statement. Could you please clarify what is a social insurance statement? Are you referring to “ασφαλιστική ενημερότητα για τους εργαζόμενους” (social insurance for the employees of the organization).

  1. In order to have each of the two required registrations (i.e. shelter registered in EKKA registry, certified organization providing welfare services) you need to comply with the rules set by the legislation: ministerial decision ΦΕΚ 2399/B-19-6/2019, law ν.4455/2017 article 7 and  ν. 2646/1998 article 3, par 2. Please conduct the assigned authorities to confirm your registration or to provide you with the documents list required for your registration. Please also see the answer to the question 44 about the building permissions.
  2. Social Insurance Statement refers to «Ασφαλιστική Ενημερότητα Εργοδότη» (payment of insurance contributions as an employer to respective national social security institutions under national statutory social security schemes).