52. We are a Greek entity with our own VAT registration number and we registered in the Greek Tax Authorities as the branch of our mother NGO in Germany on 16/1/2017. We operate a shelter for vulnerable refugee women with children and single refugee women. The lease contract of our shelter started on 1/3/2017. We performed rehabilitation works for three months and we start operating with beneficiaries on June 2017. Our balance sheets are for years 2017(1.1.2017-31.12.1017), 2018 (1.1.18-31.12.18) and 2019 (1.1.19-31.12.2019). Our mother entity in Germany has a big experience in running similar projects world wide. Could you please advise us if we are eligible to participate in the Call that aims to provide at least 300 accommodation places in open reception centres in urban and semi-urban areas?

According to provision 4.1. of the open call, “eligible applicants are non-governmental organizations (NGOs) registered in Greece”. Furthermore, according to the provision 4.5 of the open call “Applicant organizations must demonstrate past experience in providing services such as daily care, legal, medical and psychosocial services, for a minimum of 3 years prior to the submission date”. An NGO founded in March 2017 in Greece, cannot be considered as eligible applicant. Nevertheless, if a Greek NGO is a “daughter” organization of anοther NGO, the experience of the “mother” NGO could -under circumstances- be attributed to the daughter NGO. During the eligibility assessment of the proposal, the FO will review the submitted documentation to ensure the relation between the two organizations (international and Greek). In particular, FO will assess if the Greek organization that has undertaken the activities from the international one, maintains a relation of a mother-daughter company, and has cumulative experience gained by its current and past activities (before and after its establishment as Greek office). For that reason, legal, financial and other documentation must be submitted for each of the two organizations (mother and daughter entity).