54. Thank you for addressing our initial clarification, however, the question of our organization has not been addressed in full, therefore please allow me to pose our question with more clarity in hopes that you would be kind enough to address as well. Our organization provides support services to long-term accommodation centres for vulnerable groups of asylum seekers, or support existing centres to continue their operation, specifically single parents and marginalized communities such as LGBTQI persons – therefore we qualify as an organization providing services to non UAM target groups. In that regard we do not need to register under EKKA’s Registry nor does the law ΦΕΚ 2399/B-19-6/2019, law ν.4455/2017 article 7 and ν. 2646/1998 article 3, par 2 apply to our organization as it refers to UAM related provision of services. Therefore, does the following eligibility criteria apply to organizations interested in application for non UAM target groups: Applicant organizations should have a valid certification as an entity authorized to offer social welfare and care services, or other relevant certifications in accordance with the common ministerial decision?

Organizations providing support services only to non-UAM target groups do not need to register under EKKA’s Registry, but only under the Registry of L. 4455/2017 and provide a certification thereof. They shall also provide an operational license issued by the competent Authority (Prefecture, Municipality, etc.) for the operation of the center.