62. Is it possible to suggest that for a specific time the shelter will host a specific group of Unaccompanied minors (under the age of 14) which is of great need for now – according to EKKA, and after some period, if the numbers decrease – the shelter will have the chance to modify the group (and the staff possible) and host older ages (of the same gender).

In principle, combined modalities are allowed as long as every (child) protection aspect is addressed in the methodology. In such cases, and given the certainty of the projects duration,  the applicant should strongly justify why this modality is optimum and how will ensure a feasible and cost efficient project high impact for the targeted populations. Also note, that according to the Open Call. 1.2 Focus of the call, as regards the non-UAM population priority will be given to (a) pregnant women and (b) single-parent families with children.