66. Our question is whether the all the expenditures for the shelters’ supply (food and personal hygiene items), can be reported as own contribution to be covered by our organization and essentially constitute the 5% (of the total project cost) of own contribution of the organization. If your answer is positive, then this description in the narrative of our proposal is enough; That is to say within the proposal that the cost of catering will be covered by the organization’s own expenses, right;

As indicated in the Open Call, paragraph 6.6 ”The project promoter is required to provide project co-financing of minimum 10% and maximum 30% of the eligible expenditures. Co-financing shall be in the form of cash, including electronic transfers, or in-kind contribution in the form of voluntary work. The in-kind contribution may constitute up to 50% of the co-financing”.

The share of the cash (financial) own contribution should be applied equally across the different budget categories (% of cash own contribution). That is also clear from the section 4.8 Section 8 – Project Co-Financing of the “User Guide On-line Application Platform”.

Please note that the analytical conditions of eligibility of own contribution is described in the chapter 2.1.2 Own contribution, of the annex to the call “Eligibility of Expenditures UPDATED 10/12/2019”.

Last but not least, all project costs (own contribution and funded) should be clearly indicated into the proposal budget and of course justified into the narrative of the proposal.