Open call project: HOUSE2

Project Promoter​: Association for Care of Minors
Programme outcome the project contributes to: Improved quality of accommodation and other services provided in open reception centers
Project grant rate: 90%
Maximum project grant amount: 1,074,903 euros

HOUSE2 is a new shelter for unaccompanied minors, with a capacity of 16 people. It accommodates boys aged 6-11 years and underage mothers with their children. It was founded in 2020, aiming to cover the need to provide accommodation and care to the most vulnerable people. “HOUSE2” becomes the second home for children who have been exposed to danger, persecution, violence and exploitation. It is the second shelter operated by the Society for the Care of Minors and Youth, a charity association that has been offering its services continuously since 1924.

Care: SMAN offers services to children and young people following the “family model”: Thus, HOUSE2 inhabitants feel the shelter as a second home. . Providing safety and care to beneficiaries, is for SMAN a priority.

Community engagement: Within the first few months of its establishment, HOUSE2 has managed to build ties with the neighborhood and partnerships with public and private actors. We are constantly trying to reach out to a broad audience and cooperate with volunteers and other organizations in order to succeed effective integration and interaction with the local community, highlighting the benefits of intercultural coexistence.

Child Protection Team: An important aspect of the effective operation of HOUSE2 is the interdisciplinary project team which supports the unaccompanied minors. Child Protection Team consists of different scientists of various faculties, welcoming new graduates who are willing to work in this specific field.