Enhancing Capacity and Ensuring Protection for Vulnerable Migrants, Asylum Seekers, and Refugees


Co-Partner: University of Bergen

The partners aim to analyze the current situation regarding Asylum seekers and Recognized refugees based off of the consequences of COVID-19 in Athens and Bergen. The partners will analyze the context of the target population to identify gaps and foster new operational methodologies, and will exchange the implemented experience by country, with focus on food insecurity, Mental Health (MH), and COVID-19 consequences. The Pandemic Center will organize and host a study trip to Bergen in order for the Greek partner to acquire knowledge and experience based on the partner’s academic analysis. Later, the Greek partner will further analyze the findings from said study trip, and start the documentation with the aim of fostering and mobilizing the new techniques in an operational and programming aspect. In the meantime, the two partners will have frequent meetings and communication to analyze the project’s progress. Based on the analysis and use of this experience, the Greek partner will prepare a workshop to present the findings publicly. The last phase of the project will be the closure of the project and the lessons learned through experience of the present call.