Psychosocial Support and the provision of quality reception conditions for refugee populations in Greece and Norway, respectively


Co-Partner: Hero Norge AS

The project will include the exchange of best practices and know-how, and aims at deepening their networking and potential future collaborations. MdM-GR will perform a working visit to Oslo, attending a 3-day workshop organized by Hero, including professionals from the field and key-stakeholders. Another working visit of the same kind, following a similar structure of activities, will be implemented in Athens, organized by MdM-GR. As a result, two teams of 4 people from the Project Promoter and the Project Partner (of various professions/specialties) will engage in two intensive working visits, including thematic workshops inside the premises of the host organization, and meetings with key stakeholders (public authorities, institutions and other Non-Governmental Organizations that co-operate on field-level), taking place in Athens and Oslo.