24. Assuming that an organisation has less than 3 years of experience in providing services in its current legal entity, but has been providing services for more than 3 years in Greece under the mother organisation which is an INGO: could the experience/expertise of the mother organisation count towards the 3 years required ? In other words, assuming that a x organisation started operating in Greece in early 2016 as an INGO and in February 2018 has been registered as a new entity (national Greek organisation) carrying over all the assets and investment made by the foreign entity: is it now eligible to apply to the open call using its new status, but also the experience it gained in its former status in the last three years? Moreover, could it submit the auditing reports and financial book for the last two years of its former status and some documentation from its current status provided that its first audit report in its newly founded status will be available in February 2020?

During the eligibility assessment of the proposal, the FO will review the submitted documentation to ensure the relation between the INGΟ and Greek NGO. In particular, FO will assess if the Greek NGO has undertaken INGO’s activities, maintains a relation with the INGO (mother-daughter company, etc.), and has cumulative experience gained by its current and past activities (before and after its establishment as Greek NGO). For that reason, legal, financial and other documentation must be submitted for each of the two organisations (mother-daughter).