67. We would like to ask some clarifications about the own contribution of the projects under the call “Open accommodation centres for vulnerable asylum seekers in Greece”. Can own contribution take place according to the following-ways. – In case of food provision for the beneficiaries, is the NGO receives a donationfor meat, milk or other types of food for the project how their value is assessed and what documentation is required for the reporting? – In the case that a donation refers to furniture or clothes, how is it possible to assess their value? Both these cases are excluded according to the annex to the call, as it is clearly stated that only volunteer work can be accepted.

Donations cannot be considered as own contribution to the project. We kindly suggest you to review the specifications provided in the annex to the call Eligibility of Expenditures UPDATED 10/12/2019 as well as the answers to the questions 1, 38, 39 and 66 published in the FAQ section in the programme website.