3.Improved operational procedures and capacity of the Greek Asylum Service and Appeal Committees” (page 4). The question is if the proposed action could concern only the Greek Asylum processes and not the Appeal Committee. For example, could the improved procedures and capacity affect only the RAOs, the RICs, etc.?

One of the general objectives of the Programme II “Asylum & Migration” is indeed the improvement of operational procedures & capacity building of the GAS & or AC.

Kindly note that a bilateral proposal, as mentioned in the Call’s document, could include initiatives such as: “strengthening the capacity and effectiveness of Greek public and private legal entities, including the exchange of good practices between them and entities in the Donor States. Particular emphasis will be given to areas of concern, such as civic engagement and partnerships with local authorities, promotion and protection of human rights, watchdog and advocacy roles of the civil society sector, empowerment of vulnerable groups (especially unaccompanied minor asylum seekers).”

Therefore, any proposal which includes the abovementioned component/type of bilateral initiatives (which may include initiatives that will improve procedures & capacity that affect only the RAOs, the RICs etc) & promotes one of the Programme’s goals, is welcome.