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#Ourheroes – The story of Antuaneta Taci


Antuaneta Taci, Caretaker

Short bio: I have been working in the asylum and migration field for the last 5 years mainly in care positions but also as a kitchen employee and as a resident assistant.

Why do you participate in the program?

I wanted to participate in the Futura program because I liked the different approach to traditional institutional models of accommodation. I think Futura essentially supports children’s transition to adulthood and their integration into society.

What is the most important outcome you have gained through the program?

Certainly, by working in the program I gained professional knowledge and skills, but I think that the most important thing was my daily contact with the children and the women staying in the apartments. The contact with all these different people, each one unique with a different story.

How are you going to implement the knowledge you gained into the everyday working reality? Are there any challenges? If yes, explain.

I think that in any work we do, especially those related to people, there must be the necessary sensitivity, empathy, and patience. I already apply these things in my work and will continue to do so.

What is the main challenge for professionals working on the asylum and migration field in Greece nowadays?

I think the biggest challenge we face as workers on the asylum and migration field is frustration because we don’t see the immediate results of our work and because the people, we support face too many challenges that arise from both the legislation and the time-consuming procedures of the state.

What is the added value of the program?

Τhe Futura project is an alternative housing program. I think that its contribution is exactly this ; the fact that a different accommodation model was created, a more sustainable and flexible one to effectively support the population concerned.

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