Pre-defined Project title: Athens Solidarity Centre

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Solidarity NowIncreased opportunities for integration and social inclusion for vulnerable individuals 100%€ 2,000,000

The general objective of the project is to provide holistic support to individuals at risk of social marginalisation and exclusion and pave the way towards their empowerment and self-reliance.

This will be achieved through the operation of the Athens Solidarity Centre (ASC), an innovative operational response to the complex needs formed, and rapidly accelerated, by the economic crisis and further deepened with the onset of the refugee crisis. Over the years since it was established, the ASC has become well regarded and known in the community, providing — without any discrimination — much needed services to vulnerable populations (either directly or through partners) who would have otherwise been excluded from relevant support. The holistic approach of the “one-stop shop” provided through the centre is unique and brings together expertise across different fields and complementary synergies. The dynamic nature of the intervention with the continuous evaluation and re-alignment of the type and quality of the services to better meet the needs of the people, has and will ensure that the centre is always responding to the current needs of the target population in a relevant, efficient, and effective way.

The project, having reached approximately 60,000 beneficiaries, will ensure the provision of a comprehensive package of complementary services including psychosocial, legal aid and representation – allowing individuals to become aware of and act upon their rights; employment assistance – including preparation, training and jobs matching; accountancy services – supporting people to regulate pending issues with fiscal, state and banking authorities; and specialised support to mother, children and other vulnerable groups. The ASC will also host the Greek Asylum Services to carry out the registration of vulnerable individuals and unaccompanied minors in particular.

Beyond these, and to guarantee high quality services provided to wider groups, SN will lead efforts to identify and address issues faced by specific vulnerable groups (including LGBTI, seniors and children). This will include workshops, capacity building, experience exchanges and other events, while enabling synergies and intersectoral cooperation among specialised organisations and mainstream NGOs, expanding the ASC’s role as a catalyst for social and civil society in Athens.

An estimated 10,000 individuals will receive direct assistance through the programme.

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