Pre-defined Project: Schools for All – Integration of Refugee Children in Greek Schools

Project Promoter: European Wergelant Center
Programme outcome the project contributes to: Integration of refugee children in Greek schools improved​
Project grant rate: 100%
Maximum project grant amount: € 1.5 million euros

The “Schools for All” project aims to ensure a more democratic and inclusive school environment, where refugee students feel safe and welcome.  Following a whole school approach, including school community, parents and local community, the project is designed within the Framework of Competences of Democratic Culture as described by the Council of Europe.

The project supports secondary schools with reception classes, creating a safe and inclusive school environment, which provides quality education to all students. The trainings equip school directors and teachers with the appropriate educational tools, cultivate skills and all necessary competences, as well as the confidence to manage controversy and deal with issues concerning intolerance, discrimination, racism and hate speech in the context of school and local community. Throughout the school year, secondary school teachers are being mentored by experienced trainers for the implementation of specific action plans, designed by themselves, according to their needs. Part of the action plan is the involvement of school community in activities and workshops.

So far, 18 schools across Greece have participated, developing, and implementing tailor-made action plans towards the cultivation of democratic school culture.  During the 2021-2022 school year, new schools will participate in the project. The project aims, in the long run, to establish a school network, which will represent the basic principles and values ​​that emerge through the cultivation of a school democratic culture.

The 3-year-long project is being implemented by the European Wergeland Centre (EWC), under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and with the support of the Institute of Educational Policy (IEP).