Pre-defined Project title: Capacity development for dignified reception and protection of the rights of migrants and asylum seekers in Greece

Project PromoterProgramme outcome the project contributes to:Project grant rate:Maximum project grant amount:
NORCAP/ Norwegian Refugee CouncilCapacity Of key institutions to ensure protection of vulnerable asylum seekers, particularly UAMs, is strengthened 100%€ 3,500,000

The project will strengthen the capacity of key government institutions in Greece, to uphold the rights of refugees and migrants and ensure dignified reception. The project will reduce the Reception and Identification Service’s (RIS) dependency of the international community to ensure dignified reception, child protection and site management and strengthen the capacity of the National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA), to ensure protection of vulnerable asylum seekers, particularly survivors of human trafficking and unaccompanied minors.

The project will be implemented in 3 stages; first setting up and developing an operational structure, then applying the agreed framework while empowering local stakeholders and finally, identifying durable solutions for the continuation of its activities and hand over.

The project will include, inter alia, the following main activities:

• Deployment of international experts on the asylum, refugee and migration area o Development of training modules and training of staff and local authorities to increase skills and understanding of practical application of principles of international protection
• Development of standard operating procedures, guidelines and tools
NORCAP will deploy experts to key national public institutions in Greece. These deployed experts will:
• Oversee, coordinate and perform functions to support successful implementation of RIS and EKKA’s areas of responsibility,
• Develop standard operating procedures/guidelines and best practices to ensure consistency in performance, accountability, and effective delivery of activities in the targeted thematic areas, Suppolt capacity development for national staff in the targeted thematic areas through trainings and on-the-job support.

In addition to deployment of experts, the project will develop capacity building components such as training packages and training of trainers enhanced by staff welfare support and coaching. NORCAP will develop modalities of ensuring this support with experienced staff that will contribute to strengthening operations, lifting standards, ensuring staff capacity building and improved camp management on the islands and the mainland.

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