Pre-defined Project: Capacity Building Project – Capacity development for dignified reception and protection of the rights of migrants and asylum seekers in Greece

roject Promoter​: NORCAP/ Norwegian Refugee Council​
Programme outcome the project contributes to: Capacity Of key institutions to ensure protection of vulnerable asylum seekers, particularly UAMs, is strengthened
Project grant rate: 100%
Maximum project grant amount: 3.5 million​ euros

Greece Capacity Building Project

The Greece Capacity Building Project (2019-2021) aims to strengthen the capacity of key government institutions in Greece, upholding the rights of refugees and migrants and ensuring dignified reception, especially for the most vulnerable people, such as unaccompanied children and victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking.

A primary key institution regarding asylum seekers’ reception is the Reception and Identification Service (RIS), which is both supported with experts deployed at the Headquarters, as well as at the camps in multiple locations all over Greece (Site Management Support Advisors). Amongst the capacity building activities (incl. on-the-job training and targeted thematic trainings), the SMS Advisors develop Standard Operating Procedures, incorporating good practices and protection standards, as well as adapting them to the particular circumstances of the ground.

The second component of the Project regards the set up and operation of the Greek National Referral Mechanism for the protection of victims of human trafficking (NRM), deploying Anti-trafficking experts (including a legal advisor) at the responsible Authority, namely the National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA), in order not only to develop and improve existing tools, but to deliver a series of trainings as well. Apart from the trainings, the main deliverable is a Practical Guide for the identification and protection of victims of human trafficking for first-line professionals. So far, the NRM has received more than 320 referrals and more than 800 first-line professionals have been trained on human trafficking and NRM role and tools.