Voices without borders

Reserve List

Lead Partner: Greek Association of People Living with HIV – Positive Voice
Co-Partner: HIVNorway (HIVNorge)

“Voices without borders” is an initiative aiming to document the lived experience of migrants & refugees with HIV, to help in advocating for their inclusion in the Greek NHS, as well as strengthening bilateral relations.
The planned activities are the following:
-The staff of Norsensus will give a seminar on planning, story-telling advocacy & other expertise areas for members of Positive Voice staff, and the staff of HIVNorway will give a seminar on HIV advocacy & other common interest areas. (10/2023, Oslo, Norsensus/HIVNorway)
-The staff of Positive Voice will give a seminar on communications & advocacy methods (mostly regarding HIV) and other areas of expertise, for members of the staff of Norsensus & HIVNorway. (10/2023, Athens, Positive Voice)
-Bimonthly meetings between Positive Voice and each partner will take place in order to discuss updates on the project and exchange know-how (6 with Norsensus & 6 with HIVNorway, 09/2023-08/2024, online, Positive Voice/Norsensus/HIVNorway)
-Monthly social media posts in order to disseminate project-relevant information (12 in total; 09/2023-08/2024, Positive Voice)
-Creation of 3 short videos showcasing issues relevant to the project for awareness-raising purposes (09/2023-08/2024, Positive Voice)
-Open Info Day: Positive Voice will host an online event in order to share stories of refugees, experience from the field, current challenges/conclusions/lessons learned from this program & future directions. The event will be open to stakeholders from Greece & Norway. (07/2024, online, Positive Voice)